Anemones in Pewter

DSC_0439 (540x800)

I love seeing flowers in vases that are not vases, and this little pewter jug is my latest favourite. It has a heavy, masculine quality that balances out the prettiness of the delicate anemones, and is an object to admire in its own right, without distracting attention from its contents as vases can often do. I bought an eclectic collection of pewter jugs and teapots back in April to display our wedding flowers in, but they’re in storage at the moment so I only have this one on display.

Incidentally, I just had to mention that I took the above photo in Manual Mode. That’s right, like a real photographer. Goodbye Auto, I now know how to actually use my camera. Well, I’m getting there anyway. I decided it was about time I learnt, so I booked myself in for a private lesson at Nikon headquarters. They do all sorts of courses, but I really just wanted to learn what all the buttons do, so their training specialist Mark took me through it. He was incredibly patient with me, and I learnt absolute bucketloads. I left feeling like my mind was going to implode though, and gained a newfound respect for my own students who put up with my high expectations every week.

Has anyone else decided to learn a new skill this year?

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7 thoughts on “Anemones in Pewter

    • Thank you! It certainly was a revelation to discover how much control is actually possible over a standard DSLR camera. I can’t wait to get out and start practising. Jx

  1. Lovely photo. I have a canon and i love playing about with either aperture or shutter priority. The photographer for my wife’s books is called Jason Ingram. He has won loads of awards for his photos. He shoots on Nikon too, and has given me loads of tips. If you want any more camera advice then i can hopefully help. Since you love flowers then do check out my wife’s first book: The Cut Flower Patch. The photos are stunning in it.

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