Handmade Wedding Invites

We’ve finally had the last of the wedding rsvps back, so I thought I’d do a quick post on the invites I designed. If anyone else out there is a fan of stationery, read on!

This was the first thing I did, over a year ago when we first set the date. I’m sure most brides go straight for The Dress, but I was definitely more interested in anything I could stick in an envelope and put a postage stamp on. I think I looked at every single wedding invitation on the Internet, to get an idea of the options and expectations.

Once I’d decided on a design, I spent hours trying to find the right patterned wrapping-paper online. This was less than fruitful. Why there isn’t a website collating all the wrapping paper for sale in the world I just don’t know – it seems to be one of those few things you still have to source in person. I toyed with using wallpaper as there are some beautiful floral patterns out there, but when I popped into John Lewis to have a closer look I realised that the patterns are all too big, and lack detail or definition close-up. By chance, I came across a gorgeous pattern in Liberty (not available online). Although I hadn’t intended to incorporate blue it was the prettiest I’d seen, so I couldn’t resist.

I then created a spreadsheet of all the guests we’d decided to invite, and asked Tom to fill in his half of the addresses… then spent the next twelve months trying to bully and cajole him into actually doing so. Boys, eh.

Anyway, a year later I got round to actually making the invites. The silk ribbon had to be exactly the right shade of spring green, that I’d found years ago on a market stall and set my heart on for the bridesmaid dresses. I sourced it from V V Rouleaux, along with a brown leather ribbon to frame the wording inside.  Silk ribbon is about five times the price of satin, but definitely worth it – it’s so much easier to work with, and has a gentle lustre rather than a cheap shine. I also purchased antique-gold charms from Beadworks in Covent Garden – they’re labelled as pansies, but look more like dog roses to me. The card and envelopes came from The London Graphics Centre, and are the colour of old parchment; they reminded me of the year  I spent studying Renaissance literature when I first met Tom. I also sourced the pearl detailing here, as they come pre-sticky, so are much easier to apply.

© Jade Everingham

© Jade Everingham

© Jade EveringhamThe magic ingredient? Double sided tape. I discovered this recently, and it was an absolute godsend for securing ribbon, paper, card and leather. I’ll never be without it again. Nearly fifty hours of measuring, cutting, folding, gluing, printing, taping, sewing and sealing later… and I was finished.

The invitations are the first glimpse of a wedding that guests see, so I wanted ours to say something about us, without being too fussy. I hope you like them!

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25 thoughts on “Handmade Wedding Invites

    • Thanks Jenny. Everything seems to miraculously be in hand, just about! I’m sure some sort of disaster is just around the corner, but hopefully my spreadsheets and I will be able to deal with it. Jx

  1. They’re beautiful and worth every effort you put into them from start to finish! I would want to hold on to one as a keepsake if I was a guest. I had emerald green ribbon at my wedding. Wishing you all the best in the run up to your big day!

  2. I got married last May and made our Save The Dates, invites, menus, everything! I was a whizz with a calligraphy pen by the end of it. I enjoyed it at the time, then became quite overwhelmed, now look back fondly although glad it only happens once. Yours look very stylish and will grace every desirable mantel from Mayfair to Maida Vale, I have no doubt. Enjoy all the prep! Those personal handmade touches are going to make the day so much more unique for you and your guests x

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