Thomas J. Fudge’s Remarkable Bakery

Just a quick post today, but I had to show you what I found.

I was pootling along in Waitrose yesterday, when my eye was drawn to the ‘crackers and savoury snacks aisle’. This is a favoured location for me to while away the hours. I work my way through a lot of cheese each week, and will happily nibble on snacks all day long, so can profess to be a bit of an expert. Amidst the usual delights, a whole shelf had been given over a new range I hadn’t seen before, by Thomas J. Fudge’s Remarkable Bakery (they had me on the name, to be honest).

My eyes widened, as I contemplated the practicality of buying one of everything (there were about twelve different varieties of shards, flats, melts and pufferies), but I reluctantly settled just on the following three.

I love the packaging, as the designs are both pretty and silly; the perfect thing for having friends over. Reminiscent of nineteenth century botany and ornithology drawings, but with a modern pop of colour, an artistic representation of the ingredients used is balanced on the top-hatted heads of dapper gents on the front of each. Attention to detail is also impressive. A clear panel on the side of each box allows you to peek in at what you’re soon to be snaffling, and there are little notes printed inside the lid and along the decorated serving tray they come in. Oh, and they’re also utterly and completely delicious!

There’s a competition running currently on their website, to win a hatbox full of the new range of edible delights. Apparently there will be 22 weekly draws between 3rd August 2013 and 3rd January 2014, so plenty of chances to win! You can enter it here.

Let me know if you give them a go, or if you happen to win a hatbox full (I will be mad with jealousy, but adopt you as a good-luck charm).


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