Meet the Russians

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As it happens, I know a lot of Russians, but I also know one in particular.

I met my friend Katia for coffee a few months ago, when she first mentioned that she was being filmed for a TV documentary. She laughed as my eyes widened and I started looking around for a hidden camera crew. As usual she played it down, presenting her role as an adjunct to the real stars, and we left it at that. A couple of weeks later, however, she asked if I’d mind terribly being filmed having tea with her in her flat. I thought about it long and hard (for a good two minutes), before deciding that I should manage not to make a fool out of myself on international TV if I just had to sit still and drink tea, and agreed. A week later, having broken me in gently, she invited Tom and I to a small cocktail party hosted by a friend of hers, also to be filmed for the series. I did have to bribe, cajole and beg Tom to accompany me, but agree he eventually did.

I don’t usually watch reality TV shows, but then I’ve never known anyone starring in one before so an exception definitely has to be made. Friends and family who have watched Meet the Russians have reacted… extremely, shall we say! My mum’s response was probably the best (she’s well clever, my mum), as she was actually quite intrigued by the the innocence of most of the Russians featured; their naivety and lack of self-awareness, so different to the British culture they have settled in which judges others so harshly.

The below table I found online illustrates this quite well, though I’m sure we could add to it! Any ideas welcome.

Translation Table

Tom and I were apparently (room meat) on last night’s episode of Meet the Russians on FOX (Sky only I’m afraid, but that does mean it’ll be repeated  a lot if you missed it). We don’t have Sky ourselves though, so haven’t seen it!  I’m going to take a deep breath, prepare for an onslaught, and ask what you thought. Honesty, good British-style honesty (see above table), appreciated!

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7 thoughts on “Meet the Russians

    • Apparently the handsome chap serving us drinks was one of the cast from Made in Chelsea… Never having seen it I didn’t recognise him, but I’m clearly missing out! Jx

  1. Being half Russian myself, having spent most of my life in the UK, I can honestly say that the program made me cringe mostly. However, it was compelling watching! I think your friend Katia was the only one that came across quite normal and down to earth. So no harm done. Nothing to be ashamed of! Here, hope you feel better 😀

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