Welcome to the ‘Maison Bentley Style’ Blog Party!

Another blog I follow is throwing a party, and everyone is invited. She’ll give you a warm welcome over at Maison Bentley Style where you can also meet the other blogging guests, see what they’re wearing, and how they’re partying on their own blogs.

I’ve mixed up some of my hedgerow cocktails for you, so enjoy, and let me know which is your favourite!

I’m wearing a 1920s cocktail dress with gumboots, because it’s going to get muddy… I’ve cleared a dance-floor in the middle of a forest, and a jazz band are tuning their instruments as you read this. Fairy-lights and lanterns are glowing all around us, but if that storm hits we’ve been promised then we’ll retire to my seventeenth century pavilion, and continue the party from there. The Rolling Stones have already started on the banquet, but there’s  plenty for everyone!

What’s everyone else wearing, and who have you brought along as your plus-ones?

30 thoughts on “Welcome to the ‘Maison Bentley Style’ Blog Party!

  1. So Keith is here! I knew he wouldn’t miss this! Do I need to reapply my lippy? Hair good? Oh, where’d you get your wellies? They’re rather stylish for country attire. I’ll be taking one of those colourful drink-poos your barman has rustled up and totter on over to pop myself on Keith’s knee. Oh yes it is that kind of party. I’m not missing my opportunity, thank you very much. Taa-raa––hic!

  2. Uuuhh I’ll have a glass of champs please, I promise will be my last one, I have been drinking since god only know what time hahahahah! Loving your dress by the way 😉 xx

  3. The day after the amazing Maison Bentley Style Blog Party, are you still partying with the Stones (what a great pic !) ? Yesterday was fun and, getting to know fellow bloggers thanks to the fab Kate Bentley is genius ! Thanks for following my blog, made in Marseille, France ! Party on (yep, even on a Monday !). X

  4. What a gorgeous setting! What is the temp? Can I get away with wiggling my toes in the grass and the mud or is it too cold? I’ve been pacing myself with champagne, but your cocktails sound superb!

  5. What a stormy party! Sorry I’ve missed all the fun with the Stones and the chance to catch you in your 20’s cocktail dress and boots… Stunning combination! I’m off to enjoy your pages, coffee and Breton cookies at hand!

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  7. It has been almost a week and I am still stumbling around this party. Found Keith out back behind an Oak tree and he slipped me a little something… perhaps that is where the last week went. Lovely blog…fabulous bag!

  8. Jeez, how late am I? I’m following Miss Pip around the parties (that’s following – not stalking, just to get that clear). I’ve been browsing your posts. They’re wonderful! Love your writing and photos. Life looks much more fun and beautiful through your eyes.

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