Spring Flowers in Vintage Glass Bottles

Just a short post today.

I mentioned putting flowers in glass bottles in my Gift Boxes post, and as I bought a few recently I thought I’d show you what I did with them.

They’re all vintage (old and second hand), and range in price from £1 to a whopping £3. I love the patina of old glass. The chips and scratches, the antiquated script etched into its surface, evoke a bygone era. Due to the practical nature of these bottles, they also resonate more audibly with human voices now lost in time. People who purchased and handled them, with rough hands and smooth. Took the tiny medicine bottles out of drawers and cupboards to treat coughs and colic, splashed precious cleaning products into metal buckets of water, and carefully measuring iodine or strychnine out of bottles marked ‘poison’.

I’ve grouped these three together here, but would otherwise dot them around a house. (Daffodils £1.)

‘Not To Be Taken’. ‘Poison’ on the reverse face.

I’m also intrigued by the incongruity of using objects as they were not intended to be. Displaying beautiful spring flowers in bottles previously containing poisons, chemicals and drugs seems a delightfully gothic juxtaposition to me. The sort of thing Tim Burton would do (though he’d probably sink tiny mice skulls into them before adding the flowers wouldn’t he).

I think these amber glass bottles were designed to contain medicine, but I’ll be putting small blue or white flowers in mine. Forget-me-nots or bluebells perhaps. I thought about going mad and tying satin ribbons around them, but concluded (yes, I actually gave this some thought) that they look less contrived without. There are lots of other ideas online, one of my favourites below:

vintage flowers 1


I love seeing flowers in old metal buckets and ceramic jugs as well, but given that our current flat is the size of a shoebox I’m limiting myself to glass for now. (Brownie points also go to men who bring pretty vases to go with the flowers that you have NO IDEA how much she’ll appreciate being given).

What do you think? Does anyone have any other ideas for unusual flower displays?

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