Tray Chic

A very short post today. I discovered these online last night (I really, really cannot think what I was originally searching for), and felt duty-bound to share them.

Ibride embrace the recent resurgence of interest in theriocephaly, and produce the best trays I have ever seen. Prices range between £44 and £126 so they’re not cheap, I agree, and I know trays were originally designed for old people, but  these are far too wonderful to reject on that basis. Beautiful, weird, and (probably) utilitarian, they’re certainly a step-up from William Morris’ damned willow pattern, and an excellent excuse to have breakfast in bed. A few of my favourites below.

Au Grand Theatre Ambrose Hummingbird Tray Au Grand Theatre Pia Tray Bianca Goose and Goslings Tray Pondichery Cornelius Monkey Tray Vladimir Cat Tray Zhao Rabbit Tray

Ibride wall

Liberty are stocking them, but you can of course buy them cheaper from the official retailer.

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